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RMEM Engineering

RMEM is an authorised distributor and service agent of WEG Equipment. We can supply, service and commission WEG Equipment including low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) electric motors and automation drives.

WEG is regarded as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial and industrial electric motors, gearboxes, automation technologies, control and protection systems, power generation equipment and industrial coatings and varnishes.


Combining engineering know-how to the latest generation of computerised tools, such as structural analysis (finite element analysis), fluid dynamics and electrical design optimisation software, an innovative, next-generation product range has been developed: the W22 motor.

  • Reduction of noise and vibration levels
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced thermal footprint
  • Easy maintenance through robust modular design
  • Compatibility with present & future generations of frequency inverters
  • Low carbon emissions during manufacturing, installation and throughout its long operating life
  • Conveyors
  • Pumps
  • Crushing
  • Machine tools
  • Looms
  • Packing machines
  • Washing and bottling machines
  • Cranes
  • Output: 0.12 kW up to 415 kW
  • Frame 63 up to 355 A/B
  • Mounting: B3R(E)
  • Voltage: 400/380/415V
  • Class “H” insulation (ΔT = 80K)
  • Degree of Protection: IP66 with labyrinth W3seal
  • Terminal Block (6 pins)
  • Thermistor (2/phase) rated 155 °C and 180 °C
  • Resin continuous flow impregnation
  • Grease nipple system
  • Rubber drain plug
  • Main terminal box with removable gland plate
  • Thrust Bearings
  • Shaft earthing brush
  • Blower kit
  • Double shaft extension
  • Stainless steel shafts
  • Anti-condensation heaters
  • Bearing and winding RTDs
  • Cable glands

Three Phase Induction Motors

In conjunction with a world renown consultant company, WEG developed its three phase induction motors which allow easy maintenance and high-performance level. Divided in two different lines, M Line and H Line, the WEG three phase induction motors is the best solution for those applications requiring such motors.

Due to its mechanical design flexibility, M Line (Master) motors can be applied on a wide variety of applications with different operational requirements. In addition, the M Line can be easily modified to match existing motors.

M Line motors are manufactured in different configurations in reference to cooling methods and degree of protection. As a result, a motor configuration can be defined in such a way to better meet operating and environment conditions. Motor supplied in frame sizes IEC 280 to 450 (NEMA 4400 to 8000) are manufactured in cast iron frames. Those motors manufactured in frame sizes IEC 500 (NEMA 8800) and larger have their frames built in welded steel plates.

  • High efficiency
  • Degree of Protection IP23 (WP-I), IP24(W) (WP-II) or IP55(W) / IP56(W) / IP65(W)
  • Reduced noise level
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Can be built to meet API 541 standards
  • Squirrel cage rotor
  • Slip ring (wound rotor)
  • Oil lubricated sleeve bearings
  • Grease or oil lubricated ball or roller bearings
  • Interchangeability with existing motors.

H Line (High Performance) motors have been designed in such a way to withstand the most demanding applications and are regarded as both a reliable and low maintenance cost solution under such conditions.

With simple and compact construction, H Line motors are widely used due to their high reliability making them suitable for the majority of the driven machines found in industries. The frame construction consists of a high resistance solid block and it is fitted with external cooling fins. The whole cooling system, which consists of an internal and an external air flow provides a homogeneous blow of cooling air inside the frame for maximum performance of such motors.

  • High efficiency
  • Degree of Protection IP55(W) / IP56(W) / IP65(W)(TEFC, TEBV)
  • Reduced noise level
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Robust solid high strength cast iron construction
  • Can be built to meet IEEE841 (2001) mill and chemical duty
  • Can be built to meet API541 standards
  • Oil lubricated sleeve bearings
  • Grease or oil lubricated ball or roller bearings
  • Self-cooling
  • Forced cooling, usually required for VFD applications.
  • Interchangeability with existing motors
  • Internal air flow
  • Temperature detectors -Pt-100 – in the stator winding
  • Temperature detectors – Pt-100 – in the bearings
  • Space heaters
  • Shaft grounding brushes for VFD applications, or all motors in frame size 450 and larger
  • Vibration detectors
  • Bearing Thermometer
  • Oil thermometer
  • Oil flowmeter
  • Lubrication hydraulic unit
  • Oil pressure system (Hydrostatic Jacking)
  • Capacitors
  • Lighting arresters
  • Current transformer (CT)
  • Independent cooling
  • Temperature detectors for air inlet and outlet (cooling)
  • Air thermometer (cooling)
  • Position indicators (encoder or tacho-generator)
  • Air-to-water heat exchanger
  • Water flowmeter
  • Water flow sight glass
  • Water thermometer
  • Water leakage indicator
  • Anchorage plate
  • Noise muffler
  • Surrounding muffler
  • Speed non-reversing ratchet (vertical shaft motors)
  • Mounting
  • Special painting
  • Class H insulation (only for low voltage)
  • Reduced vibration level
  • Reduced noise level
  • Degree of Protection IP56 / IP65
  • Labyrinth taconite
  • Sleeve bearing
  • Oil lubricated ball or roller bearings
  • Oil-Mist bearings
  • Tapered shaft end
  • Double shaft end
  • Hollow shaft
  • Special shaft end
  • Squirrel cage rotor material
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Modified main connection box
  • Additional main connection box
  • Protection for classified area motors
  • EEx n (Non spaking) NEC
  • EEx e (Increased Safety) NEC


We offer high performance and efficiency solutions in drives for industrial electric motors. Developed in compliance with international standards, WEG drives offer flexibility and innovation to increase the productivity and reliability of your processes.

High-performance and energy-efficient solutions, WEG frequency inverters use cutting-edge technology for the speed variation of three-phase induction motors. Presenting a modern design and easy installation, they can be used in different industry segments, streamlining operations and contributing to environment conservation. WEG’s VSD range;

  • Mini and Micro Drives
  • OEM and General Purpose Drives
  • System Drives
  • HVAC-R Drives
  • Drives for Decentralized Solutions
  • Cabinet Built Drives

Soft-Starters are static starters that accelerate, decelerate and protect three-phase induction motors. The control of the voltage applied to the motor by means of adjustments to the firing angle of thyristors allows the soft-starter to start and stop an electric motor smoothly.

Using high technology, WEG soft-starters were designed to ensure the best performance for each application, offering resources that enable to start, stop and protect electric motors in a simple and efficient way.

  • Stand-alone Soft Starter
  • Cabinet Built-in Soft Starter

Integral tool, same software, enabling screen edition of the HMI, PLC and configuration of the CANopen network. Logic monitoring and on-line charts, recipe edition, file handling of the SD card.

  • Suitable for a wide range of WEG products
  • Device parameterization
  • Equipment programming in Ladder language
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Assistance for creation and configuration of applications in the automation area

We provide turnkey substations – from prospection, definition of a specific solution for the customer and project management and administration, to manufacture and assembly. We have proven experience, having already delivered and powered up over 250 substations in all voltage levels up to 550 kV.

Developed by an engineering team specifically dedicated to this transformer range so as to meet the characteristics and requirements of each application, these products have streamlined sizes, aiming at reducing the installation space. Our team of specialists can produce high-performance solutions that meet different needs. The verticalization of the manufacturing processes (making the electrical insulating varnish, electric wires, corrugated panels, tanks, insulating kits, coatings, etc.) is a remarkable characteristic and advantage of WEG, allowing broad quality control of the different production phases, as well as flexibility in lead times.

  • Power transformers and reactors
  • Powers: above 5,000 kVA Rated voltage: up to 550 kV g
  • Industrial transformers Powers: 500 to 5,000 kVA Rated voltage: 15, 24.2, 36.2 or 72.5 kV g
  • Distribution transformers Powers: 15 to 300 kVA Rated voltage: 15, 24.2 or 36.2 kV g
  • Dry-type (cast resin) transformers Powers: 300 to 20,000 kVA Rated voltage: 15, 24.2 or 36.2 kV g
  • Underground and submersible transformers Powers: 150 to 2,000 kVA Rated voltage: 15 or 24.2 kV g

Conventional and mobile substations and mobile transformers Rated voltage: up to 550 kV Turn-key projects.

Retrofitting and re-rating in power transformers Rated voltage: up to 550 kV.

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Soft Starters, VSD & Automation

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