Vision & Values

RMEM aims to continue to grow, become a market leader and establish itself as one of the top preferred equipment repairers in the overhaul and repair industry.

This can be achieved through continued investment in the upgrading of equipment, industry expertise, ongoing training and support, and working collaboratively to enhance our reputation by providing ongoing customer commitment.


Safety, Quality & Environment

Uncompromised delivery and ongoing commitment to workplace safety, quality of our workshop repairs, protection and sustainability of the environment.


Strong principles aligned to meet business objectives and targets.


Driven by abilities, qualities, and a sense of achievement. Respect for other’s feelings and understanding of individual’s needs. Promoting teamwork throughout the business and building rapport.


Achieving the necessary requirements to maintain health, wellness, and protection. Going over and above to raise the bar.


Using appropriate forms of open communication channels for sharing of mutual ideas and customer feedback. Incorporating collaboration to raise customer standards.

Customer Service

Achieving and exceeding agreed client expectations where possible. Interaction and commitment; establish customer requirements as a priority. Achieving excellence in everything we do.

The RMEM team has decades of experience in exceeding client expectations